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Modernized eFile (MeF)

Developers in the Information Systems Division of the Vermont Department of Taxes and the Oklahoma Tax Commission are actively developing Free / Open Source Software for Modernized eFile. All of the results of development (programs, documentation, source code, software designs, etc) will be made publicly available through this site. The goal is to build a generic Modernized eFile gateway that can be re-used by many states to retrieve, store, and view eFile submissions. Returns Processing (RP) functionality will be developed by each state. Development is being done in the Java programming language.

Current Status

A client application capable of communicating with the IRS Application-to-Application system using password authentication. The authentication web service methods (InitialLogin, Login, ChangePassword, and Logout) have been fully implemented and are working. The informational web service methods (EtinRetrieval, EtinStatus, GetStateParticipantsList, GetSubmissionReconciliationList) have been fully implemented and are working. The results of those calls are stored in the database. The Get web service methods are partially complete. A zip archive is downloaded and saved to disk, but nothing is done with it yet. A notification system is already in place to record statistics and e-mail run results.

A graphical configuration program is under development to manage the configuration file. With 17 web services method calls, database connection information, A2A user credentials, and a notification system, a lot of options need to be configured. The A2A user credentials and the database connection information are currently configurable with the GUI. The rest will be configurable soon.

A deployable submission viewer has been created as well. Most of the remaining work for the viewer depends on knowing the XML schema for the documents within the submission.

Getting the Code

The code can be checked out from subversion using the following repository URL:

If you are unfamiliar with Subversion, you might be interested in Version Control with Subversion (free ebook).

If you are having problems obtaining the code, please contact Shawn Kasulka and ask him to make a snapshot for you.
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