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Streamlined Sales Tax (SSTP)

  • Gateway Client - a Java program that provides a command line and graphical user interface that enables its user to communicate with Streamlined Sales Tax web services. The GUI also has a tool for validating and editing XML files. Download.

  • Gateway Server - a JavaEE application that provides a web services framework for accepting Streamlined Sales Tax registrations and returns. It also includes a web interface for manually submitting transmissions. There is a live demo site available for testing. Download.

  • Gateway Monitor - a Mozilla Firefox add-on for monitoring the status of the gateway. Download.

Modernized eFile (MeF)

  • Gateway MeF Client Configuration - a small utility written in Java for creating and editing Gateway MeF Client configuration files. Download.

There have been no formal releases of the client or the viewer yet. You can checkout a snapshot of the code via subversion. The Modernized eFile code is located in trunk under mef.

Documents and Presentations

  • FTA Outstanding Technology Award Nomination submitted to the Federation of Tax Administrators in February 2008. PDF (380 KB).

  • Starting a State Government Open Source Project presented by Tom Cort at the Government Open Source Conference 2007 at the Hilton Portland and Executive Tower in Portland, OR on October 15, 2007. PDF (357 KB).

  • Starting a State Government Open Source Project presented by Tom Cort at a meeting of the Vermont Area Group of Unix Enthusiasts at Stone Environmental, Inc. in Montpelier, VT on September 18, 2007. PDF (79 KB).

  • Open Source Web Efile Gateway for Streamline Sales Tax Processing presented by Shawn Kasulka at the Federation of Tax Administrators 23rd Annual Technology Conference and Exhibition at the Hyatt Regency Crown Center in Kansas City, MO on August 7, 2007. PDF (1.34 MB).

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